My Beauty Sleep Essentials

Surround yourself with beauty, harmony and a dose of luxury in your bedroom to feel serene and ready to receive a beautiful sleep.

We are at our best and happiest and we are most connected with our goals and desires and engaged in our lives when we are refreshed and recharged in our sleep. 

In my own life a good night’s sleep affects everything from feeling vibrant, energized, inspired and present, to daily relationships with people I love.

Sleep or lack of it determines how I honor my body with food, what kind and how much food I chose to eat the next day and if I have the energy to wake up in the morning and go for a run.

When we are tired and sleep deprived, we are most likely going to feel too disconnected from our desires to take care of our body. We drink large amounts of coffee and are drawn to eating sugars and other refined carbohydrates for energy.

A recent study at the University of Chicago showed that even twenty year olds restricted to sleeping only four hours a night after just twenty eight hours started manifesting the levels of mental and physical functions typically seen in an average seventy-five year old.

I created My Beauty Sleep Essentials because I struggled with insomnia for years.

This guide helped me to restore a healthy sleeping routine and I still follow it every evening.

This week I would love to share with you My Beauty Sleep Essentials.

In my next email I will talk about how to set up your bedroom for your beauty sleep, I will share my evening rituals and my favorite remedies that help me receive a gorgeous sleep.

I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I do and soon you will start receiving a beautiful and restful sleep every night!

My Beauty Sleep Essentials

 Is your bedroom a peaceful retreat centered around your rest, romance and a refreshing good night’s sleep?

If not, you may need to make a few adjustments to make it a sanctuary that is a pleasure to look at and allows you to step into your private, beautiful retreat that makes you feel relaxed, feminine and connected with yourself.

By filling your bedroom with things you love to smell, touch, taste and hear you can make your bedroom a sensory pleasure box.

Open Your Eyes to Beauty and Harmony; A Feminine Nightstand.  

“Less is more” in the bedroom. A phone, TV, computer or a pile of paperwork give off and take up a lot of energy they also distract us from rest and romance.

Take inventory, keep only the items that you love and remove the rest.

Here are a few of my darling nightstand items:

  1. A beautiful journal with a pen. My evening spiritual practice includes keeping a gratitude journal. I take a few minutes each night to think about the people, things and circumstances that I’m grateful for, including myself.

I believe that sleep is like a very long meditation and time when we connect with our subconscious mind. The energy that we take with us to sleep is what we recreate in our day and in our life… Keeping a gratitude journal brings our attention to what’s good and positive in our lives.

  1. A carafe with water and a glass. I love to have a sip of water in my bed and enjoy the luxurious crystal carafe. Crystals bring clearing and protecting energy, help attract love and remove fear.
  1. A calming scented candle like lavender or rose enhance my sense of smell and create a ritual that feels luxurious and relaxing.
  1. A fresh flower. Flowers are beautiful to look at, they let go of oxygen and bring the energy of vitality. My favorite are the two classics; roses and orchids.

Pink and red are the colors of romance, using them in the bedroom enhance the romance in your relationship. All you need is a candle, a flower and an accent pillow or a throw.

  1. The last thing that you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you open your eyes should be something that makes you feel joyful and inspired.

A picture, image or a beautiful quote that brings joyful memories and a smile to my face is what I want to see before I fall asleep.

  1. Essential oils are full of sensual properties that can enhance our sensuality.

Lavender is a fantastic healer and instiller of peace, calm and a relaxed feeling. It soothes and sets the mood for both calm and relaxation.

Rose is called the essential oil of love. It helps open the heart center and enhances desire and self-confidence.

I received a beautiful set of doTerra essential oils as a thank you gift from somebody very special and I absolutely adore them.

I use an essential oil room diffusor in my bedroom and keep it on all night.

  1. My Princess eye mask and my pink earplugs help me disconnect from the world and embrace myself with perfect silence.

Wishing you a beautiful, deep and restful sleep.



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