Beauty starts from within!

You are what you eat. Beauty starts from within.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all. All cliches? Maybe.

Today I would like to talk to you about the direct connection between your diet and the quality and health of your skin.

First of all, let’s talk about HYDRATION.

If you don’t drink enough water and eat enough of the fruits and vegetables that provide further hydration, you make it hard for your skin not to dry out.

And, let me tell you, dry skin is not beautiful skin;)

As both a nutrition professional and former day spa owner, I know that any remedies that you apply from the outside will only have a temporary effect. GUARANTEED.

So, for permanently moist, luscious skin you first have to hydrate.

Secondly, the foods you eat affect your body’s Ph balance.

Acidic diets not only are unhealthy because they create the kind of environment in which many bacteria, viruses and common diseases can thrive, they are also TERRIBLE FOR THE SKIN!

That is why the BIGGEST DIETARY TREND IN HOLLYWOOD is the ALKALINE diet. I can write an entire encyclopedia on this subject! But, I won’t… at least not here.

Then, there is the Standard American Diet. 

A real killer… both literally – just look at the statistics – and figuratively – just look at many Americans! Think about it. Fats, oils, sugar, flour, white bread, etc. are much more easily associated with oily skin, acne, other complexion problems, and pasty or doughy looking skin than with, say, Charlize Theron.

And, I could go on and on; but again, I won’t…   at least not here.

So, is beauty only skin deep? I don’t think so. What do you think?

I would suggest instead the following fact…   Your Beauty Starts With Your Diet.

So, what can you do to start taking care of our beauty from within?

Here are 3 simple action steps you can take right away: 

1. Drink at least 16 ounces of water at room temperature in the morning. This simple step will help you hydrate, and boost your metabolism by 24%!

2. Make a pitcher of your own Vitamin Water (the one that you buy in the store has 9 teaspoons of sugar and no real vitamins, so stop drinking it!!!). Cut some lemon, orange, cucumber, mint, then add water and you will have a delicious drink for the whole day.

Also having the pitcher of water in front of you on your desk is going to remind you to drink it! Brilliant!

3. Have some fruit as a healthy snack around 3 – 4pm. My favorite ones are: pear, apple, or a cup of blueberries or cherries. Choose your favorite fruit and take it to work with you. It works perfectly as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Pay attention to your body and see how much better you feel and look just by adding these simple steps.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon.

With Love,


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