Bon Voyage! Healthy Traveling

Since our good nutrition is a way of life we shouldn’t leave it at home when we go away on vacation.

Before my trip I shared with you some tips on how to get ready for a vacation or big trip.
Today let’s talk about how to stay on track while traveling, relaxing, dining… and wining.

By following these simple steps I created for you you can get back from your vacation relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated without gaining those few extra pounds.

It all starts with Travel Day…

1. Don’t forget your smoothie!!! 

Even when you are up and at ’em to catch an early flight (like at 4AM !!!), having your smoothie to start your day of travel will make a big difference in how you feel as you and your body are transported from station to station (car to airport to plane to airport to car …..) before you finally arrive at your destination.

TIP! I prepare my smoothie the night before by putting all the ingredients into the blender so the next morning I just add some water and press the button.

2. Hydrate!!! Have water with you and hydrate constantly.

3. Bring snacks…

– peeled orange or nectarine

– take some fruits like apples, pear

– baby carrots, celery and peanut butter

– hummus with whole grain toast

– rice crackers

– dried fruit like mango or raisins

– dark chocolate

– nuts like: cashews, almonds or walnuts

– trail mix, etc.

By having a ready snack on hand at all times, you will keep yourself from arriving at your destination feeling totally starved. So, instead of being Starvin’ Marvin ready to wolf down large volumes of whatever when you finally arrive (or, worse yet on the plane), you are feeling good and in balance and ready to enjoy your good food and good times.

Let the Good Times Roll!

While you are on vacation your number 1, 2, and 3 priorities are to RELAX and have FUN!

For me, I don’t like the “weighted down” feeling one gets from eating too much heavy food; but, I do like to treat myself well and to enjoy the pleasures of fine food and other forms of good relaxation.

I personally find these pleasures to be most enjoyable when I follow my principles for staying in balance while adding more treats than I would usually do…
So, here’s how I stay in balance so that I get the most pleasure out of my indulgences:

1. A fruit heavy breakfast.

Maybe not a smoothie but I almost always try to include a large fruit salad and juice in my morning menu. It’s what I am used to eating and like to eat…   and it keeps me feeling light and energetic.

2. Stay Green.

While indulging in some non-green treats, make sure that there is still plenty of green in your meals. Salads, soups, especially vegetable-based soups, grilled or steamed vegetables and other good side dishes are a wonderful complement to whatever treat you choose to enjoy.

3. Hydrate!!!

I sound like a broken record; but, the multiple benefits of hydration (especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors) are just as important on vacation.

4. Walk a lot.

And, exercise if you can. If you are on a sight-seeing trip, walk wherever possible. If on the beach, walk the beach. At the end of the day you will be a healthy kind of tired that will make it easy to sleep well at night.

5. Catch up on your Z’s.

If not now, then when?

By sticking to these principles, I find it easier to relax, have fun and truly enjoy treating myself to guilt-free pampering! And, isn’t that what a vacation is all about?
Bon Voyage!

My favorite place on the planet!

With Love,


If you would like to know more about how to travel fabulously read my daily travel tips on my blog and Facebook page this week. I’ll be posting a daily step-by-step update. Make all your future trips stress-free with my help…


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