Cracking the Sugar Addiction Code! The 2 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Stop Sugar Cravings

Have you ever tried to eliminate sugar from your diet and experienced cravings, headaches, and other withdrawal symptoms?

I did, many times! Being a sugar addict it took me a while to finally crack the sugar addiction code. Why? Because sugar is as addictive as a drug or alcohol, yet we are consuming it in everything from my morning cereal, afternoon power bars, crackers, and of course evening ice cream.

Studies show that sugar activates parts of our brain similar to addictive drugs and releases chemicals, like dopamine, that have addictive potential.

When we restrict or stop consuming sugar-rich foods, symptoms of cravings and withdrawal can trigger relapse and impulsive eating. This leads to a vicious cycle of self-medication with sweet foods and as a result to obesity, health problems, eating disorders, mood swings and depression. Ohhhh yes!!!

The only difference between drugs and sugar is that sugar is absolutely legal!

It’s not considered “normal” to take drugs and allow our children to do the same, but we consider “normal” to be consuming sugar that has the same effect on our body.

What I also noticed was that the more sugar I had the more hungry I felt. Eating too much foods containing sugar can induce leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that helps our body distinguish between real hunger and eating out of habit or emotional reasons. When leptin is not working and you are in a leptin resistant state you are more likely to overeat just for taste and not for the energy that food provides for your body. Numerous studies show that leptin resistance can lead to rapid weight gain and obesity.

As a former sugar addict I tried many ways to break free from my sugar addiction and discovered that there are 10 Steps You Need To Take To Crack The Sugar Addiction Code.

I will be talking about all of them during my FREE webinar How To Stop Sugar Cravings.

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The 2 action steps that you can take TODAY to To Stop Your Sugar Cravings:

#1. Substitute soda, iced tea, and vitamin water that contains large amounts of sugars, with water or homemade vitamin water or iced tea made with stevia.  

For homemade iced tea use herbal teas like raspberry, strawberry or lemon and sweeten it with stevia instead of sugar.

For homemade vitamin water slice some fruits like lemons, oranges, or strawberries, and put them into a pitcher of water.

#2. Replace your afternoon power bar with a fruit. Each apple and banana comes with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in individually wrapped packages just perfect for an afternoon snack. 


Renata Orr

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