Did you give up?

Do you feel like it’s Summer and you have a lot on your plate?

You are trying to spend quality time with husband, doing outdoor activities with your kids, traveling, working and coming back home thinking what’s for dinner.

And as we women tend to do I bet you are doing it all by yourself and not asking for help… You are not the only one… trust me…

There is not much time in the day left for you to slow down, prepare a healthy meal that makes you feel good about what you are eating, go to the gym or practice self-care

Do you feel that once again you put your desires to be at your ideal weight, feel divinely sexy, fit and feminine this Summer on a back burner?

Here is the truth, it is not going to be a relaxing, pleasant Summer if you keep doing what you are doing.


And it is usually accompanied by frustration, overwhelmed, lack of joy… and often depression.

I don’t want that for you.

I want to help you discover how to make the rest of this summer the most joyful time.

How to lose 8 lbs in the next 4 weeks and keep it off feeling good about yourself.



How to create systems and structures that you require as a woman to honor your new, beautiful and slim body and lose another 8 lbs in the following 4 weeks… Yes, that’s right that is 16 lbs in total in 8 weeks.

How to stop thinking about what to have for your next meal and feel confident about your choices

How to make your desires a priority in the way your whole family benefits…
(Nobody enjoys living with a person who is frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, tired and not available).


AND feel joyful on your new journey.


This is your chance to reach out and get the help that you’ve been secretly wanting from an expert.

For the next 3 weeks, I’ve opened up my calendar to one of the best ways to work with me:
A Private 1:1 90 Minute Summer Session
with me on the phone or Video conference.

A special Summer Price available only until August 31st.


This is your time to:

Lose the 20 lbs or more in 90 days
Discover your hidden weight gain triggers
Overcome your unconscious mindset blocks about weight, food, and health
Create systems and structures that support you… and your family

My clients who are creating great results quickly are not the one that works very hard and struggles but the one who follows the coaching.

It’s your time to discover how beautiful and vibrant you can look and feel in a few weeks rather than doing the same things that don’t work.

The new body, vibrant energy, joy, and freedom are possible for you.
Claim your 1:1 with me and step into your beauty.

Sending you lots of love,


P.S. Would you like to see how I live, travel, work and create the life I desire? Join me on my La Dolce Vita FB page and my Instagram.

See you there!


Renata Orr

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