Did you misbehave this summer?

The ice cream, gelato, frozen margaritas, croissants, cappuccinos, fresh and warm bread with dinner, and desserts… the list is deliciously long and hard to resist.

The parties, dinners and drinks with friends, fun, staying up late at night, and travels… that’s what summer is all about.

Indulging in the Summer classics feels delightful!
The swollen belly, puffiness, inflammation and constipation… not so much.

So many women I speak with say that Summer is the hardest time for them to maintain their weight.

I just came back from my trip to Paris where I was visiting some of my favorite restaurants and indulging in some delicious new culinary experiences myself.
And to be absolutely transparent with you… I felt the difference in my clothes when I returned.

As the famous saying goes:

Special Times Call For Special Measures!

So back at home I reached out for my secret and simple after Paris plan and love sharing it with my clients who are enjoying it too.

The results? Well… you don’t have to wait too long to fit back into your skinny jeans and favorite designer dresses.

While in Paris, I also learned that even French women have their special plan for getting back to their slim self after a bit of overindulgence!

How about you? Did you misbehave this Summer?

Would you love to learn how to get back on track and into your before the Summer weight… or even better… lose another 10 or 20 pounds?

I would love to invite to a Private Clarity Session with me to show you how you can lose 20+ pounds in the next 90 days!

And guess what? Christmas is in less than 90 days!

IMAGINE… celebrating holiday parties and stepping into 2018 in your perfectly fitted red dress, glowing and getting compliments about how great you look!

Yes, my Love, Christmas is in less than 90 days! It’s time for us to talk.

Let’s get on the phone.

I can’t wait for our time together!

Sending you lots of love,










Renata Orr

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