Eat Pray Love – My Travel Tips and Pictures From Maui.

I live for travels! Every couple of weeks I feel renewed, energized and rejuvenated by my next trip.

I especially love the excitement of preparing for the next trip and creating a new sensual; BODY, MIND and SOUL experience.

EAT – BODY                PRAY – MIND                   LOVE – SOUL

As I was ready to have a few full days of work at the conference I was attending in Maui I chose to incorporate my 3 special ingredients to make our trip blissful and fabulous.

BODY – to enjoy beautiful, nourishing food, get a healthy dose of natural Vitamin D and go for long runs in the morning.

I’m always curious about how the place I’m staying at will accommodate my healthy way of eating… I will share with you my 3 Travel Tips from Maui in just a moment.

SOUL – a few days on the beach before work to relax, journal, spend time with my husband and have a romantic dinner date in the evening.

My husband says, and I agree with him, that beach is my spiritual element… It is the place where I let go, I totally disconnect… from the world and create time to deeply connect with myself.

I spend most days totally focused on my journaling, meditation and reading inspirational books, taking naps and doing everything all over again.

MIND – I’m always reading something new and fascinating… this time it was Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens.

What an extraordinary book. I believe that a new book always comes to my life when I’m ready for it. This one feels like the next natural step to consciously creating the life I’ve always desired for myself. There is something magical in the awareness that we are the co-creators of our own reality and the language we use is a powerful tool in the process.

Getting back to the BODY and FOOD, I would love to share with you

My 3 Tips From My Trip To Maui.

  1. 1. Co-creating your dining experience.

If it is not on the menu it doesn’t mean it can’t be done 🙂

It is wonderful to see what healthy choices can be created just for you when you ask… kindly and with a smile.

I love talking to the chefs and people who create beautiful dining experiences

so, I took the time to go to the kitchen and say hello to the chef.

  1. 2. KISS or Keep it Simple Sister!

I keep my breakfast simple when I travel… I’m too excited to start my day.

The hotel we were staying at was serving freshly made smoothies, juices and fruits all day long. I brought my Turmeric paste with me (Yes, it traveled almost 18 hours in my carry on) and most of the days I was starting my day with my Turmeric Latte first thing in the morning…

If you didn’t have a chance to read it yet, here is my article with the recipe.

They may not be on the menu, but a blender, greens and fome fruits are available in any kitchen. Just ask, smile and receive.

I usually have my smoothie or a Vega One shake blended with Amazing Grass superfoods with me just in case there is nothing exciting or nurturing on the menu. You can buy both on Amazon or at Whole Foods.

  1. 3. Colors, Vitality & Energy.

“It is not about how much food is in your life it is how much live is in your food”.

I love colors on my plate… Colors in my food mean; vitality, energy and rejuvenation and my body loves all of them.

They are necessary all year long but for spring they are absolutely crucial to nurture and cleanse at the same time.

Spring always makes me want to eat more fresh and bring rejuvenating energy to my body.

The most energizing lunch and dinner options start with a salad, with the dressing on the side of course.

If you can’t find all you love in one salad combine two that you like or ask for a side order of your favorite ingredients to make it special.

My personal motto when it comes to colorful and large salads is: The bigger my salad the smaller my waistline. It works like magic.

Sending you lots of love,



Renata Orr

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