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Sean and I are getting ready for our next trip to Mallorca, Spain today for my international coaching conference. I love going back to Europe, it always feels like going home.

I can’t wait to share with you the pictures, videos, inspiration and love from Spain!

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I used to think that staying slim, looking fit and the life of travel was just for celebrities…

Until I gave myself permission to live the lifestyle I require and deserve NOW and not “some day”, “next year” or “in a couple of years”.

I have been thinking about you this week and wandered if you are dreaming and thinking about a big change in your life over the next 90 days?  

Yes, BIG results can happen in that amount of time, with the right mentoring, mindset and action steps.  

Why don’t you get yourself the 1:1 coaching support to make your life in September look gorgeously different than it does today?

 IMAGINE yourself having the…

  • The perfect body you dream about and the freedom to wear what you LOVE
  • The feminine tools you need that create results daily and are easy to implement
  • Support of a mentor who shows you how to create new habits that you love and deserve
  • The fresh and new lifestyle that really represents how you want to live
  • The glow, energy and vitality that allows you to feel fully feminine and beautiful

Schedule your 1:1 time with Renata and I will show you how to create Great Health And A Sexy Body in 12 weeks!


On our 1:1 call we’ll uncover how you can:

  • Lose 24 lbs or more in 12 weeks and step into a new body and vibrant health that you are passionate about.
  • Get to your ideal weight with ease – so you can have the freedom to wear what you love and feel sexy.
  • Create new healthy and feminine habits with ease – so you are confident in your daily choices.
  • Live a more Body-Mind-Soul centered life that you deserve and desire.


I can’t wait to connect with you and know what you desire.

Make the time for yourself and register for a FREE call to access my private calendar!

I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Sending you lots of love and looking forward to seeing you on a call!


P.S. Dreaming about having a perfect body and vibrant health is wonderful but enjoying the new body and vitality every minute of that day feels amazing! Trust yourself and follow your desire.

P.P.S. Click below to schedule your Clarity Consultation and access my calendar.

Renata Orr

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