A Luxurious Ritual To Silky & Glowing Skin

I would love to share with you my recent article “A Luxurious Ritual To Silky & Glowing Skin” that was featured in TheDecorista magazine, where you will find everyday secrets to the art of living well… Enjoy!


A Luxurious Ritual To Silky & Glowing Skin

Imagine your skin smooth, silky and beautifully glowing… Skin that feels and looks fresh, perfectly hydrated and balanced!

After a few months of too many layers of clothes… heated/air conditioned spaces… and extreme temperatures…our skin may feel dry and dehydrated.

Let’s awaken All Your Senses; Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, Sound with my favorite ritual that feels self-nurturing, sensual and feminine.
This ritual is not just pleasure for your skin…it is food for your soul! For me it is like stepping out from the tired and dull and into new, fresh and beautiful… allowing all that no longer serves us to be washed away… Bringing a fabulous feeling of freedom!

So, let me now share My Luxurious Ritual To Silky & Glowing Skin.

What do you need?

  1. 2-3 tbs or more of Pink Himalayan Salt
  2. 2-3 tbs spoons or more of Raw Coconut Oil
  3. A few drops of beautiful and calming doTerra essential oils
  4. A gorgeous scented candle
  5. Your favorite CD with soothing music
  6. Plush towels
  7. A peaceful space in your bathroom
  8. Cozy and beautiful clothes – silk or cashmere
  9. A glass of champagne – optional but highly recommended

My list of resources below.

Your Steps 

Step 1. Awaken your senses!

Mix the coconut oil, the Pink Himalayan Salt and The Essential Oils together in a small bowl using a spoon.

Close your eyes for a moment and awaken your sense of smell – enjoy the beautiful scent of essential oils and the tropical scent of coconut oil.

Step 2. Give yourself a gift of relaxing and uninterrupted time.

Whether you are single, married or if you are a mom you deserve to this level of luxury! Uninterrupted, relaxing time at least once or twice a week…

Trust me, your family will benefit from your experience immensely!

When we are doing things that feel self-nurturing and self-loving we naturally feel happier and more relaxed and, as a result, we are a better wife, lover… and a mother.

Step 3. Awaken your sense of touch.

Step into the shower, but do not turn the water on, your skin needs to be dry while exfoliating. You will take a shower in the end.

Take a small amount of the exfoliant and rub it in the palm of your hands.

Apply using small, circular motions starting with your feet and work your way up your legs, tights, belly, chest and then start again with your arms, shoulders, back at all times move towards your heart.

The pressure should be gentle and loving but firm (not painful).

Step 4. Take a relaxing, warm bath.

Use a small towel to remove the exfoliant… Your skin should look glowing, lightly pinkish, and feel super soft.

Dry your body with soft towel and put comfortable and cozy clothes like cashmere or silk…

Step 5. Enhance your sensations.

Have a taste of chilled champagne with a strawberry while listening to your favorite music.

I love creating this ritual on a weekend just before going on a romantic dinner date with my husband or in the end of the day just before going to bed.

Have a luxurious time!

Sending you lots of love,


My Favorite Resources:

Raw Organic Coconut Oil – Artisana – available on Amazon.com or at The Whole Foods Store ($15).

Pink Himalayan SaltAmazon.com and most of grocery stores ($5).

My doTerra Essential Oilsmydoterra.com  – my favorite scent Balance ($26), please call Heidi (408-427-9244) or email her at alignwellbeing@gmail.com before ordering so that she could help you get the best price and learn of monthly specials that aren’t listed on the website.

Rose Signature Candlehenribendel.com – ($30)

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