Great Health And A Sexy Body

Who You Are:

You want to feel more beautiful and confident in your body and live a more passionate, exciting, and balanced life. You want the vibrant energy, glow, and your sexy body back! You want look and feel your absolute best and you know it’s possible! You are passionate about wellness and healthy lifestyles but you know there is still room for improvement. You are successful in many areas of your life and you have high standards but work, stress, and lack of time for self-care have too much impact on how you feel and how you look. You are looking to take your wellness to the next level but you are not sure how. You don’t know what you don’t know. You are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and you are investing in yourself to create a life that you really desire.

What you need right now:

Your primary focus needs to be on getting the tools, strategies, and support to bring your wellness into the next level, get your sexy body back, and feel your best.

The Great Health And A Sexy Body Program will assist you in putting systems in place within a few weeks, which will lead you to getting the results you have been dreaming about in record time, and making it your lifestyle forever!

You will no longer feel overwhelmed, hopeless, frustrated, and trying to figure it out all by yourself and, instead will have a step-by-step action plan that you can start implementing right away.

You will discover why putting your own needs first is crucial for your success, health, and happiness. You will experience the clarity and simplicity of the 8-Step Diet Free System™ at work.

The key features of this program are:

Two live laser focused coaching sessions a month with Renata are filled with information, inspiration, and motivation where we will cover in detail cutting edge nutritional know-how crafted to your own unique situation. Each session is design to make a powerful shift in your way of eating and your lifestyle and help you get results fast.

Morning accountability emails with goals, inspirational messages, quotes, and tips to help you start your day motivated and stay reminded.

Tasty recipes and sample meal plan with many options to accommodate your personal food preferences. There is no own way of eating that works for everyone. You will get a variety of choices and guidance to find your own unique style.

Virtual Healthy Shopping Store Tour to help you get comfortable with choosing healthy products in the store, get familiar with the best brands available on the market, and save money and time on groceries.

Library of informational Videos. You will have an access to the video library with strategies and tips to implement.

PowerPoint presentations. You will receive PowerPoint Presentation with session materials and informative handouts the day of the coaching session.

Cooking Videos and a step by step recipes are easy to follow and will help you make healthy food at home in minutes and save time and money on restaurants and take out. Renata is an expert in creating simple and tasty recipes. If you don’t have time to cook we’ll explore options that are in

Email support between the sessions. 

Program Features VIP Body & Lifestyle Makeover Great Health & A Sexy Body Mastery
VIP Planning Session
Coaching Sessions
Starter Gift Box
VIP Participation A 6-Week Program
VIP Participation A 21-Day Cleanse
Accountability Calls
Accountability Emails
Virtual Shopping Tour
Virtual Kitchen makeover
PowerPoint Presentations
Cooking Videos
Email Support


If you would like to explore private coaching with Renata, schedule your Complimentary 30-Minute Stategy Session by, sign up below:

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 Client Success Stories:

“The results were even better than imagined!”

“Renata, I can’t thank you enough for all your help!  As you know, when we started the main goal was to increase my energy level and lose weight.  Every time I would focus on losing weight, you would tell me this is not a diet plan, we don’t count calories, it’s about giving your body what it needs.  I had no idea how much I would learn!

My eating habits, cooking and food selections have completely changed. I would rarely cook before.  Now I’m making homemade soups and packing lunches on a regular basis. Your recommendations and recipes were so easy to follow, even I could do them! My family is enjoying kale smoothies daily and my sugar cravings have decreased dramatically.

Your program had so many added values that weren’t expected.  Handouts, recipes, videos, grocery store tours, and one of the best things was the detailed summary you sent promptly after each session.  I didn’t have to worry about taking notes I could just focus knowing that I would have an e-mail to go back & reference.  The amount of material you provide is phenomenal.

As our sessions progressed I stopped focusing on losing weight and really became interested in nutrition and health.  As you know I’ve been reading everything I can on the topic.  Not only for my benefit but that of my family’s as well. The results were even better than imagined!  My energy level has improved, my nails which were once brittle are now healthy and when I stopped focusing on losing weight guess what happened?  I’m down 14lbs. and counting! Thank you so much for your knowledge, enthusiasm and patience. Looking forward to updating you on my continued journey.”

Jackie Doherty, White Plains NY.