How To Eat At The Restaurants Without The Guilt Syndrome

There is nothing better than going out on a date with my husband at a new restaurant. It feels so great to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and be served.

I also know when we eat out we can be faced with many challenges.

But that’s only when we are not prepared!

Over the years as my way of eating was changing I created a few strategies that I personally use when eating out. I would LOVE to share them with you in my new 2 Video Series on How To Eat At The Restaurants Without The Guilt Syndrome. 

Tip #1 Don’t skip breakfast or lunch because you are going out to eat at a restaurant. Many of us skip breakfast or lunch in order to save our calories for later. I have done this mistake many times in the past. I starved myself all day and then I overate.

This step sounds simple but it’s crucial! Having a healthy breakfast and lunch will help you actually avoid overeating at the restaurant.

Tip #2 Always start your dinner or lunch with a healthy appetizer! A large appetizer may keep you from overeating on more fatty, calorie dense foods. 

When we start our dinner with an appetizer like a salad we fill our stomach with highly nutritious foods like greens and other raw vegetables. We are getting a lot of nutrients, fiber, and a large volume of food that is very low in calories. 

When we eat our salad first we feel less hungry because our stomach is already filled with fiber and at the same time our brain gets a signal that we got the nutrients we needed from our food.

Tip #3 Say no to the bread basket. When you are at the restaurant tell the waiter you don’t want the bread basket on the table. Don’t wait for the basket to arrive. It is very difficult to say no to the warm, crispy bread when it is already on the table. That’s why you need to make the decision to skip the bread before you actually go to the restaurant. The wheat and the yeast in the bread can create many digestive and other health problems.

Relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sending you lots of love,


Renata Orr

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