How to live in the FUN zone; not the COMFORT zone

I’m sure that you know somebody like Jane or John.

Jane (or John, if you prefer) comes home from work, turns on the TV, or the computer, eats her/his dinner mindlessly, checking messages and surfing the Internet. After dinner s/he opens a pint of Haagen Daz or a beer or a bag of chips… and “chillaxes” (a combination of chilling and relaxing) for an hour or two… or more. Chillaxing reduces stress or perhaps just numbs the emotions for a while. The pint of ice cream or the beer help as well. Without the TV, the computer, the ice cream or the beer, life would feel boring, lonely, and stressful. These habits are created to stay comfortable and feel less anxious and bored.

And, there is nothing wrong with that… except, Jane also complains that she would feel better about herself if she weighed a few pounds less. She believes that because of her weight she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. John feels uncomfortable in his body and doesn’t have many friends.

Well, an ice cream, a beer, a bag of chips while watching TV or surfing internet may feel good for a while but won’t get them closer to these (supposed) goals. Just the opposite it will keep them stuck exactly where they are as long as they allow it.

What both Jane and John need is a new mindset… and find a new “zone” to live in. They must create a new “fun zone” or “happiness zone” for themselves. Notice that I said create a new “fun zone” or “happiness zone” instead of leaving your comfort zone. After all, who wants to be uncomfortable?

Instead of being committed to your couch, TV and other sources of “comfort” and “fun”, you need to start being committed to yourselves. After all, loving ourselves is the best commitment we can make. I’m not talking about being selfish but nurturing our bodies and our souls with love, food, relationships, spiritual practice, physical activity.

Believing that there is a new and better comfort zone, in fact, more of a “happiness zone” out there will make it easier for you to manage stress, eat well, and look and feel your best.

And, guess what. The guys and girls who are in their “happiness zones” are the ones that are attracting other girls and guys. “Happy and comfortable” is very attractive! Comfortable, but dissatisfied isn’t.

All of this is not only possible, but easier than you think.

Like with nutrition if you want to make changes in your way of eating you need to replace the layers of the old and unhealthy habits and replace them with new layers of healthy eating habits instead.

I would like to share with you My 3 Tips to live more in a “fun zone” and less in the “comfort zone”:

1. Have fun in your own life instead of watching other people having fun on TV!

Make a list of things that you always want to do, like go for a bike ride, get a massage, go to a cooking class, take a dance lesson or a Zumba class, then circle 3 things on the list… and DO IT! Not in a week, not next month, do it this week and weekend… starting today!

2. Shift your thinking!  From Food = Fun (translation, Eating = Fun) to Friends and

Company = Fun (translation, Relationships, Love, Experiences = Fun)

Get together with your friends and people you love and enjoy and celebrate their company more than the food. (I would suggest also you choose a restaurants that offer healthy food options or prepare a healthy meals for your parties to stay committed to your goals:)

3. Go on a first date with your food!

Would you go on a first date with a hot guy/girl and check your emails, facebook, and send text messages to your friends? You would never do THAT! You would focus all your attention on him/her listening, paying attention, enjoying the experience.

I want you to treat the food that you eat the same exact way you would your first date. Focus, relax, enjoy, listen, take your time. But, enjoy the experience. It’s the difference between dining and just eating.

If you are like Jane or John and you are ready to start living less in the “comfort zone” and more in the “fun zone”, let’s talk.




Renata Orr

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