I do my grocery shopping in my 6 inch stilettos!

I decided to go on a diet … I’m on the no “I’m too busy to tell you how busy I am” diet.

The diet is inspired by a great quote that really resonated deeply with me and my recent, personal experiences.

No One Is Always Busy, It Just Depends On What Number Their Desires (or You) Are On Their Priority List”.

The principle of my diet is that I can’t say “I’m so busy’’ or “I don’t have time”.

Every time “I don’t have time” is about to slip out of my mouth I take a deep breath and I ask myself HOW?

How can I create more time for the relationships and experiences that are essential in my life?

How do I stay in my feminine power and live from a space of clarity, balance and structure that supports me?

AND… How do I create more time?

My absolute favorite person, Albert Einstein said “Time is an illusion… The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”

The reason I decided to go on this diet was because I often heard women saying “I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy” It holds a very unappealing energy for me and I was falling into the habit of using the “too busy” excuse as well.

WHY? I feel like sometimes it’s almost important to say how busy we are to feel like we are like everybody else, we fit in… If we are not busy enough somebody might think that we are OMG! LAZY!

But, are we really that busy or is that A PERSONAL CHOICE WE MAKE… or maybe it is an EXCUSE?

I coach many women who are working on creating a new lifestyle, a lifestyle they really desire in a very feminine and elegant way, who struggle with fitting all they need to do into their schedule. When we dig a little deeper we find that there is enough time in the day and that there are many ways to do things differently, delegate, and save time if we are open to trying something new and stepping out of the same old, same old.

“Insanity; doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” Genius!

It’s about being very strategic, creative, stepping out of the drama, and starting to focus on the how.

Every time we make a choice to spend 1 hour on FB we are not exercising for an hour. (I know time flies when we are on FB).

Every time we watch an episode of the Kardashians we’re not having fun in our own lives…

Every time we complain about what is not working or that we don’t have time we bring more of what is into our life and live “deja vu all over again” as Yogi Berra would say.

Today I would like to share with you a process that I personally use that allows me to create more time for things that I really enjoy doing.

Using this process I created about 5 hours a week, every week, of free time. That’s more than 20 hours a month of time that I can spend with my husband, meditating, exercising, cooking healthy meals, or doing nothing if I choose to.

I would like invite you to go through this process with me.

Let’s make a list of your biggest time wasters!

All the things that you are currently doing that take a lot of your time and sometimes you don’t enjoy doing.

Here is what I had on my list when I did it for the first time:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Dry cleaning
  • FB and time online
  • Phone calls
  • Chats
  • Doing laundry several times a week

I realized that my weekly shopping took me about 3 hours. I spent a half an hour getting to the store, parking my car, and about an hour getting my shopping done. I shopped twice a week not including the times when I forgot something and I had to go back to the store.

3 hours of being in a crowded store, surrounded by people, standing in line, and dragging my bags to and from my car and feeling exhausted.

So the first decision I made was to order my groceries online.

I’m still asking myself what was I thinking all these years?

The interesting part was that I was telling my busy clients to do online shopping and I wasn’t doing it myself! Why?

Because I loved touching my groceries!

Do you feel like that sometimes?

Do you feel like nobody is going to do it as perfectly as you?

If you do, STOP it! Get over it! If I could get over it, so can you!

Trust me, somebody can do a great job, if you give them a chance.

If you want to create the lifestyle you really want and desire, start prioritizing your desires and start living the life you say you want! Create more time for relaxation, self-care, time with people you love, sex, exercise, fill in the blank. 

AND here is how I do my shopping in my 6 inch stilettos and save 3 hours of my time a week. I would like you to try it too.

  1. Make yourself a cup of delicious, herbal tea, put your high heels on, sit comfortably in your favorite chair, and browse the aisles with a laptop on your lap. The home shopping services I use are Instacart, peapod and Whole Foods Market delivery.
  2. Choose what you need, press deliver and do something that you were saying you don’t have time to do like going on a date with your husband or taking a yoga class… and since you have your stilettos on you might as well go on a date.

Use the same process to go over the rest of your biggest time waster list.

What is it for you?

Here is the rest of my list:

#2. I called my dry cleaners and scheduled a free weekly pick up and delivery.

#3. I scheduled time three times a day to check my FB. I’m allowed to visit FB for max 10 minutes each time.

#4. I let most of my calls go to my voicemail and very often I send an email response later… unless there is an emergency that requires my immediate attention. I keep my calls short and sweet and I’m very conscious about how much time I spent on the phone.

#6. I bought more underwear and gym outfits so I can do my laundry only once a week… and I ask my housekeeper to fold it for me.

There are also many services available that offer wash and fold.

I invite you to have a close look at your daily schedule, make a list of your biggest time wasters and start eliminating them.

Start creating your new lifestyle, the lifestyle you really desire by changing one habit at a time.

Sending you lots of love,


p.s. Create the life you really desire one habit at the time 🙂

Renata Orr

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