Is Your Gut Making You Fat?

Are you having problems losing weight no matter how little you eat?

Are you suffering from bloating, constipation, fatigue, joint pain or depression?

Did you know that all these symptoms can be related to inflammation in your gut? When our gut is inflamed we can have problems with losing weight. We can suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, skin problems, joint pains, mood swings and depression. Inflammation from a high-sugar, high-fat diet—will produce insulin resistance, leading to higher insulin levels in our body. And because insulin is a fat storage hormone, we store more fat—mostly around our belly.

Working with my clients over the years I discovered that the key to the fastest weight loss is to remove the hidden food sensitivities. That means you don’t limit calories, you just focus on the foods that cause allergies that in turn cause inflammation. The reason I call them hidden sensitivities is that many people who come to work with me have no symptoms of food allergies or sensitivity. Many of them were told by doctors that their symptoms have nothing to do with their diet and the only way to deal with the condition is to take the medications. BUT when we remove the foods that trigger the inflammation we don’t have have to wait very long for a miracle.

One of my clients suffered with asthma and allergies for 15 years, and was able to stop using her medications in just a few weeks and started to feel amazing. She also lost 20 lbs and was so happy with her recovery from asthma that she forgot to mention to me her weight loss! 🙂 Her doctor is still is in shock with her miraculous recovery and is absolutely sure that it had nothing to do with changing her diet. You can read Cathie’s success story by CLICKING HERE.

I could tell you many more success stories but the bottom line here is what I discovered from working with my clients: hidden inflammations are making us sick, fat and depressed, and the only way to know if it affects you is to try a cleanse. If you have symptoms like: weight gain no matter how little you eat, fatigue, allergies, asthma, constipation, indigestion, or joint pain I want to present you with the opportunity to join me for my 21 Day Spring Cleanse Program and discover how going on a cleanse will help you: lose weight fast and healthy, improve your digestion, heal your gut, recover from allergies, have beautiful glowing skin, sleep better, have more energy, and feel happier!!! You will get all the tools, strategies, and recipes to start your cleanse from day 1.


Take my hand, lean on me and lets do it together! After you register, your gifts will be sent to you right away!

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Renata Orr

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