Is your metabolism slowing down? [Video]

Metabolism is a hot topic these days! We believe that a faster metabolism equals faster weight loss.

But is that the only way we can be at our ideal weight and be health?
Did you know that fast metabolism equals faster aging?

Fast metabolism is like running a machine at high speed all the time…

I don’t think anyone wants to age faster.

So how do we stay slim (by slim I mean healthy) if our metabolism is slowing down in our late 30’s, our hormones are changing, and we don’t know what to eat any more because we feel like everything we eat makes us gain weight?

I often talk about weight loss but to me being at your ideal weight is much more than just the number at the scale.

When I say slim what I really mean is:

optimal weight = optimal health = eating wholesome foods = feeling great in your body = looking younger than we are!

In today’s video I’ll share the science behind the weight loss at any age. (And the key to staying healthy).

To be perfectly honest with you losing weight by eating crap and exercising for hours to make up for the crappy food we ate is not my way of doing things.

Our bodies need the best fuel to work for us and stay in perfect shape. We wouldn’t put crappy fuel into the tank of your fancy car but we often do it to our bodies.

In today’s video I’ll share with you a tool that I use in my practice that will help you understand how nutrients change everything in our body and will help you age slower, lose weight faster and stay healthy for life!

Sending you lots of love,


Renata Orr

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