It’s not only about the food we eat!

It’s not only about the food we eat!

The concept of primary and secondary foods I learned in my nutrition school changed the way I look at how our lives affect our food choices.

Food is just a secondary source of energy for our body!

What we call primary foods are the nonfood sources of nourishment that really fuel us!

This concept deeply resonates with me…

How often do we look into the refrigerator to eat, when all we really want is someone to hug or to talk to.

Do you remember a time when you were passionately in love, working on an exciting project or playing and having fun as a child?

In those moments, you rarely think about food, until you became really hungry! You were happy and in the moment.

Now think about a time when you were depressed or your self-esteem was low. You could eat as much as you wanted and still feel hungry. No amount of food would make you satisfied.

Aspects of your life such as career, loving relationships, physical activity, and spirituality are all nurturing you on a deeper level. Very often when one of these aspects of our lives are out of balance we try to find comfort in food and overeat.

Holidays are just a perfect time to explore if all aspects of your life are in balance and create time for activities like journaling, exercise, meditation or yoga… AND remember to stop and give passionate hugs to the people you love daily!

The more you tune into your more efficient, more significant sources of energy in your life, the less you’ll rely on food for that essential energy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending you lots of love,



Renata Orr

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