My 3 tips on how to quit coffee with ease

I have a great video topic for those of you trying to quit drinking coffee.

Studies show that drinking coffee can make you…

DEPRESSED: Many emotional disorders like depression, attention disorders, anxiety, and mood swings are associated with caffeine consumption.

OVERWEIGHT: Drinking caffeinated drinks can cause weight gain because caffeine stimulates a temporary surge in blood sugar followed by an overproduction of insulin, which causes sugar crush shortly after. This rollercoaster causes weight gain because insulin’s message to the body is to store sugar as fat.

HAVE HEART PROBLEMS: Many people notice that burning sensation in their stomach after the morning cup of coffee and feel anxious, irritable or shaky. Coffee can increase our heart rate and blood pressure and increases the risk of a heart attack.

AGE FASTER: Caffeine can also makes us age faster because the production of melatonin and other vital hormones decline with age, and caffeine speeds up the process. It also inhibits DNA repair and contributes to the aging of our skin.

BUT we are addicted to the morning pick me up! The best way to see if coffee affects you is to go off coffee for 2 – 3 weeks to see how you feel. Many of my clients feel more relaxed and happy in the matter of days. They stop having headaches, sleep better, stop having dark circles around their eyes and can lose weight faster because their digestion improves.

SO what do we do? I know going off coffee is not easy because I’ve done it 3 times.

Tip #1. Be gentle with yourself. If you’ve been drinking coffee all your life you are probably addicted to the caffeine presents in your body and you may need a few days to adjust. You can start by drinking half a cup for a few days, then switch to decaf, and go off coffee completely in a week or two.

Tip #2. Go off coffee when you are on vacation or over the weekend. Choose the time that will allow you to sleep longer or take a nap in the afternoon if you feel tired. To me it was so important to allow myself to rest and feel in tune with my body during the first couple of days.

Tip #3. Go cold turkey. I use this approach to many of my dietary changes. It takes me a long time to feel ready for a change but when I finally make the decision… I’m ready.

There is no right or wrong way to quitting coffee. Whatever speaks to you is the way to go. If you decide to go off cold turkey but you have severe withdrawal symptoms like headaches or you feel tired just have a half a cup for a couple of days and adjust slowly.

Renata Orr

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