My 5 Tips To Juicing And Loving It!

If you are a juicing virgin or you are juicing veteran you will find these tips extra handy.

I believe that the best way to get really good at juicing is simply by doing it. There is no right or wrong but my tips may save you time and money when it comes to juicing.

So let me share with you my 5 favorite tips that I use when juicing:

Tip #1. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart – especially when you are just starting. Allow your taste buds to adjust to the different flavours. They are pretty adjustable and you should see a difference in about a week. In the beginning you may use more sweet vegetables and an extra fruit to make your juice taste good.

Tip #2. As you get more advanced add more vegetables especially leafy green vegetables. The reason for that is that the green vegetables have the most nutrients, they are also alkalizing, and have amazing health benefits like cancer prevention, improving digestion and immune system. Use Kale, Spinach, broccoli, turnip greens, and collard greens.

Tip #3. Prep your vegetables for a couple of days. That tip really saves me a lot of time especially when I juice in the morning. I peel and wash my vegetables and put them in ziplock bags with a paper towel. If you prep your vegetables this way they keep great in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Tip #4. The best and the most nutritious juice is right when we make it so drink your juice as soon as you finish juicing. If you keep your juice in the fridge for too long it will slowly lose the nutrients. An extra tip here: The more pulp is in the juice the longer it keeps in the fridge.

Tip #5. Store your juice in glass containers. Use glass mason jars with a lid. Storing juice in plastic or metal bottles is not the best idea as some enzymes may react with the plastic or metal.

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Sending you lots of love,


Renata Orr

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