My Get Away Mini Cleanse

Yesterday my first travel tip talked about getting physically organized by planning a week ahead of time. However, even when you are organized it is easy to eat poorly when you have so much to do at work and at home before you get away.

That’s when I have my Get Away Mini Cleanse.
I double-down on the greens in every form. The week before vacation my menu becomes super-simple and super-nourishing.

Breakfast: green smoothie

Lunch: big salad – I mean REALLY big!

Dinner: steamed vegetables, vegetable soup or baked vegetables

If I feel like having a snack or if I have an energy drop in the afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00pm I have green juice or fruit. That’s it…

My favorite fruits and vegetables to use in my smoothies and juices?

See the picture below and choose the ones you like:).

Picture: Renata Petecka-Orr

This approach does a number of things for me.

1. It gives me energy when I need it most. Then, it also gets my body ready for vacation in two important ways – one, I am going to feel lighter and more comfortable in all my beach clothes, and two, instead of being bloated and sluggish on my first days of vacation, I am ready to go with a lot of energy and my body is ready to take in the great food I am planning to eat on the Islands.

2. I don’t like starting a vacation needing to take several days to detox from bad food and to decompress from a week from hell before I go. I want to hit the beach ready to go – ready to party!

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I’m looking forward to “seeing” you tomorrow and share with you more tips on how to travel fabulously and stress free!

With Love,


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