My Thanksgiving Day Protocol to avoid a food coma.

Did you know that the average American consumes more than 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat at a typical Thanksgiving dinner alone according to the Calorie Control Council?

Can we celebrate and have fun without allowing the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy to be the only source of pleasure?

How do we prepare ourselves to have a fabulous dinner, enjoy our family and friends and feel great at the end of the night?

For me it is easier to celebrate and have fun by planning ahead of time instead of relying solely on will power!

Let’s start with a very refreshing idea that Thanksgiving HOLIDAY is A DAY and not a Weekend celebration.

So let’s plan your special day in a very elegant and strategic way!

My Thanksgiving Day Protocol to avoid a food coma.

  1. Start your day by drinking at least 16 ounces of hot water with lemon in the morning. This simple step can help you boost your metabolism by 24% all day long.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch because you are going to eat a Thanksgiving dinner. This step sounds easy, but it is crucial! Having a healthy breakfast and lunch will actually help you to avoid overeating later. My favorite breakfast of all times is a large glass or two of green smoothie!
  3. Add some flavor to your water and hydrate! Make sure you drink plenty of water all day long because our body often mistakes dehydration for hunger. I like to make drinking a few glasses of water a day easy, refreshing and tasty by adding a few drops of stevia and squeezing half a lemon into my glass.
  4. If you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner or you are having guests at home don’t be hungry! Eat a small meal; have a serving of guacamole or hummus with some cut up vegetables in the afternoon. There is nothing worse than having a glass of wine or a cocktail on an empty stomach and feeling like all vestiges of self-control are a distant memory.
  5. Alcohol is a willpower killer! Alcohol can stimulate your appetite and cloud your judgment as to how much food you’re putting on your plate. Have a sparkling water with lime (which still looks like a cocktail) in between your drinks.
  6. Start with a healthy appetizer. A small portion of an appetizer may keep you from overeating on more fatty, calorie dense foods later. When you finish your main course ask yourself: “Do I really need an additional serving of turkey, stuffing or more mashed potatoes?”
  7. Say no elegantly. Many times you feel forced to eat foods because people keep putting them in front of you. Learn how to say “no” politely, such as “No, thank you. I’ve had enough. Everything was delicious” or “I couldn’t eat another bite. Everything tasted wonderful”. You’ll find saying “no” isn’t so hard to do after all.

Print and follow My Thanksgiving Day Protocol and have a very special and well planned Thanksgiving!

Sending you lots of love,



Renata Orr

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