New Year’s Resolutions and crash diets are so… passe! why wait to January 2nd just to give up two weeks later?

A few years ago our friends made a New Year’s resolution together in the form of a bet.

The one who loses the most weight between January 1 and March 31 gets taken out for an extravagantly expensive dinner by the other two with spouses.

Well guess what happened?

The two losers actually gained weight during the three months, once they realized they weren’t going to win, while the “winner” lost over thirty pounds by literally starving himself.

The dinner reward for winning the bet ended up being the beginning of an eating binge that had the winner back up to his original weight and then gaining several extra pounds by June 30.

Inspirational speaker and author Anthony Robbins said;

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

What went wrong for our friends?

  • First of all, the goal was artificial and short-term with no plans to make it a lifestyle.
  • Second, the process they chose was painful and was based on starvation and not consistency.
  • And, finally, they all picked the wrong partners to support them through the process.

The goal ended up really being about winning a bet and having a party!

And believe me, these guys did not need another excuse for a party!

“Research has shown that about half of all adults make New Year’s resolutions… However, fewer than 8% actually achieve them.”

Are you waiting for the end of the year to make your New Year’s resolutions and then fall off the wagon and feel like a failure the second week of January?

That’s why in my opinion New Year’s Resolutions and crash diets are sooo… passe and not for the fabulous woman that you are!

Isn’t it time to accept that your desires for having a divine body and enjoying vibrant health is like a daily, spiritual practice… it is called practice because you do it every day.

Today I would love to invite you to connect with your goals, desires and personal resolutions and ask yourself these questions:

“Do I feel excited and alive when I think about wearing my fitted dresses all year round?”

“Can I make this way of living and eating my new lifestyle and be consistent?”

“Can I surround myself with people who genuinely share a passion for healthy living who support me?”

“Is it time to set new goals and desires and find new partners?”

Diets, starvation, and denial don’t work. If you feel excited and connected with your goals and desires, chances are you will find it easier to stick to them and make it a lifestyle. Without a commitment to permanent change, any benefits will be small and temporary ones.

Sending you lots of LOVE,


Renata Orr

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