Peek into my kitchen – How To Create The Healthiest Salad! [Recipe]

I’m sure you know eating salads is great for you but did you know that many salads can actually be less than perfect for your weight loss and your health?

If they are filled with dairy, gluten, or with an oil spill as a dressing they can sabotage your diet.

Today I will show you How To Create The Healthiest Salad that will help you lose weight, improve your digestion, have beautiful skin, cleanse your body and help you get healthy all at the same time.

Salad can be a full, complete, and amazing meal you can make in minutes, take to the office, AND feel satisfied until your dinner.

And I’m not talking here about this “tinni-mini” a few lettuce leaves on a plate with a sugary dressing and a lot of croutons kind of salads. I’m talking about a real thing, a fountain of youth for your body that will keep you satisfied for hours.

Here are a few principles in making your Super Healthy Salad to lose weight:

1. Making it BIG, Huge, triple size!!!

2. Making it every day, having one salad a day is not optional!

3. Getting creative so you don’t get bored

(I’ll give you a list of options to alternates to make it interesting)

4. If you don’t have time… just in case you were just thinking about using this excuse

find a salad bar that offers all the elements we will be talking about.

If you don’t have time to make your salad… you can’t complain that you can’t lose weight…

Sorry to be totally honest 🙂

I’m so excited to invite you to Peek Into My Kitchen today and show you how to build your healthiest salad step by step!

I have pictures, tips, and options for you so you can get a real Salad-Master in a matter of days! You can do it in your stilettos…

And as always share the love and share this recipes with your friends, girlfriends, and family… all the people you love 🙂

Sending you lots of love,


How To Create The Healthiest Salad

Step #1. Start with your GREENS!

Greens are the most important element of your salad. They have the most nutrients, cleansing properties, alkalizing, great for digestion and building healthy gut flora, and they are also the lowest in calories… so pack on greens.

You can use: arugula, spinach, kale, mix greens, endives, butterhead lettuce, romaine, and other kind of greens. Alternate your greens so you get a variety of flavors and nutrients.

Step #2. Add PROTEIN.

Plant based protein like beans is the best! Plant protein is free of saturated fat, cholesterol, low in calories and very high in fiber.

Use a variety of beans like: black, garbanzo, cannellini, fava, and red.

Step#3. Healthy FATS!

Healthy fats are fabulous for our digestion, our skin, and our brain. You can use avocado and your favorite nuts like walnuts, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, and almonds. As always alternate your fats to get all the benefits.

I use about ⅓ avocado and a handful of nuts in my salad.

Step #4. The RAINBOW! Finish your salad with a rainbow of colors using a variety of vegetables like: peppers (all colors), tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms (yes, you can eat them raw), cauliflower, and broccoli florets. I also love to add a few green and kalamata olives and some basil or parsley for taste. Different colors in plants support different body function and our immune system, they are called phytochemicals.

Step #5. The finale! Healthy Dressing!

My favorite dressing is lemon and miso. I use ½ – 1 lemon or lime and 1-2 tsp low sodium miso.

Avoid all commercial dressings! They can turn your salad into a dangerous oil spill and they are filled with sugar. You can learn more about how to avoid oil spill in my previous post.

Renata Orr

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