My note, pictures and video from Paris!

My husband and I are in Paris this week and we think that the City of Lights is the most magical walking city in the world… we walk miles every day and love it.

By the way, did you know that walking is also one of the secrets for how French Women maintain their perfect figures?  

Although French women believe that it is essential to have a healthy mind and a healthy body they also believe that it is best to do everything in the most pleasurable way possible. Many of them think that hitting the gym every morning seems like a great, joyless effort. 

While I myself enjoy my morning gym time and running and consider it essential to my well being I also love my daily walks… they are a part of my daily rituals that allow me to clear my mind, connect with nature and reconnect with myself.

As I was packing for my trip I thought about taking my gym outfit but I decided not to… I wanted to be like a French  woman and use walking as my daily exercise.

While I am in Paris I did not want to lose precious time that I could spend sitting at the cafe, enjoying art at the museum, people watching, or having a relaxing lunch experience in the middle of the week with my husband…   or doing all of the above.

Spending time outside and enjoying nature as a part of their daily lives is what Parisians do for a living… Let’s learn from that.

Now I know you can’t join me here in Paris… at least not on this trip…   BUT, you can be like a French woman and join me for a long walk!

I know that it would be fun to walk together in Paris but I believe that we don’t have to be in Paris to live like a French woman… being like a French woman is a state of mind!

So… put your comfortable pair of shoes and enjoy a nice long walk.

Sending you lots of love from Paris,



Renata Orr

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