Pre-decompress with “Me” time before going away

TIP No. 4 PRE-decompress!

To PRE-decompress, take some “Me” time this week.

As I said yesterday, I want to avoid spending the first several days of vacation decompressing after a week from hell. So, what I do instead is begin to decompress while I am still at home. How? A little “Me” time each day during getaway week.

For me “Me” time can be anything from:

 – a short walk – I have a dog so that’s a given:). I absolutely love my morning walks with Dolce

 – a bath – 15 minutes is all that I need to feel rejuvenated. My husband is a PRO when it comes to taking baths:)

 – some meditation – I have a few favorite meditations and listen to them

Photo: Renata Petecka-Orr

My dog Dolce:)

I’m talking about 15-20 minutes. If you can do more, great for you but 15-20 minutes is all that I need.

If you are saying now, I don’t have 15 minutes Renata, I encurage you to look at your day and see what you spend your time on. I want to share with you that I don’t watch TV for the past 15 years… and that saved me probably thousands of hours watching somebodies elses life and not living my own:).

If you want to go all out you can get a massage or a facial. By all means, get your hair and nails ready for Prime Time.
This “Me” time gets your mind, heart and soul ready for vacation in the same way as yesterday’s tip does for your body.

This “Me” time helps me put what does and doesn’t need to get done before I come back into proper perspective. So, instead of stressing out over little details, I am focused on the “Big Picture” – looking forward to my trip and being ready to relax and enjoy myself as soon as I get to the Islands.

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