Why our weight loss goals don’t work – do we set ourselves up to fail?

A few years ago my husband’s friends made a bet together who can lose the most weight in three months. The one who loses the most weight gets taken out for an extravagantly expensive dinner by the other two with spouses.

Are you curious what happened?

The two losers actually gained weight during the three months, once they realized they weren’t going to win, while the “winner” lost over thirty pounds by literally starving himself… He was consuming 750 calories a day to be exact and feeling tired and lethargic most of the time.

The dinner reward for winning the bet ended up being the beginning of an eating binge that had the winner back up to his original weight and then gaining several extra pounds in the next few months.

My favorite Tony Robbins said:

“It’s not what we do once in awhile that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

What went wrong for my husband’s friends?

A couple of things…

First of all, the goal was artificial and short-term with no plans to make it a lifestyle.

The process they chose was painful and was based on starvation and not consistency.

And, finally, they all picked the wrong partners to support them through the process.

The goal ended up really being about winning a bet and having a party! And believe me, these guys did not need another excuse for a party!

So how do we set SOUL-CENTERED goals and desires that we feel INSPIRED, EXCITED and LIT UP about?

How do we connect with OUR HEART to create the beautiful body we dream about, feel vibrant, healthy, feminine, joyful, happy… add your SOUL CENTER desires here.

“Every day is a new start and every day

we have a chance to create a new life.”


Let me ask you a few questions that may help you fill in

and evaluate your existing goals and desires:

“Do you feel excited and alive when you think about your goals and desires?”

“Can you make this way of living your new lifestyle, be consistent and feel connected with the new future you are creating for yourself?”

“Are you surrounded by people who support you and genuinely share a passion for healthy living?”

If the answers are no… perhaps it’s time to set new SOUL-CENTERED goals and… find new partners.

Over the years I discovered that if I require to feel inspired, excited, connected and aligned with my goals to create new habits and transform my life.

Diets, starvation, and denial as well as pushing through, using will power and forcing myself to do something don’t work for me.

I end up resentful, angry, frustrated and eventually quit… which brings even more negative feelings of failure.

Without SOUL-CENTERED commitment and saying YES to myself, any benefits are temporary.



Would you like to get sustainable results for life?

Would you like to feel excited and fueled by your desires?

Would you like to learn my very private process that helped me create the life I’m living now?

I have not offered this process in a group setting yet! But I feel it’s time to share it with you.

I’ll be holding a private call for a small group to assist you in stepping into your SOUL-CENTERED DESIRES and manifest YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE.


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 16th

6 pm CT / 7pm ET

More details in my next post.


Sending you lots of love,



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See you there!

Renata Orr

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