My powerful New Year’s Gift To You. How to Stop Dreaming and Start Living Your Desires!

Every year in January I get very comfortable in my favorite chair, make a cup of Yogi tea,
light my fireplace and a beautiful candle, wrap myself in a cozy blanket and take my journal…

This is my favorite time to look at the new and fresh year ahead of me and take myself on a journey of bringing my dreams and desires to life.

Through the years this exact process allowed me to create the life I’m living now,
a miraculous process of stepping out of the overwhelm, fear and indecision and into clarity of how do I want to experience my life;

What do I really love?
What thrills me?
What do I really want?

I feel energized, excited and alive asking myself these questions…

As the minutes go by I see the beautiful and perfect unfolding of my desires.
I see the clarity of my intentions
I feel the ease of what I need to do
And I claim my desires…

I think it’s time for you to claim your desires!
I would love to offer you this experience with me in a 1-on-1 phone session.
This is my gift to you!
Email me at to schedule your call!


Renata Orr

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