VIP Day With Renata

A VIP Day With Renata

An exclusive one-on-one day with Renata for VIP clients who are looking to take immediate action and get results. If it is an upcoming event, a lifestyle change you have been dreaming about or just the right moment in your life to step in and make a big shift. This VIP Day will offer you an exclusive one-on-one coaching day with Renata.

During this transformational session you will get a step-by-step action plan and a meal plan that you can start implementing right away and get results in record time. You will get clear on what your unique needs are and together we will create a path to the fastest results.

Your experience will start before your VIP Day on your 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Renata. During this call we will talk about your needs, goals, and desires to help you get the most out of your VIP Day. Renata offers in person, Skype or call VIP Day experience.

If you would like to explore private coaching with Renata, schedule your Complimentary 30-Minute Stategy Session by, sign up below: 

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 Client Success Stories:

“Working with Renata can truly change your life.”

“I have worked in the wellness industry for fifteen years and in the world of health coaches, Renata Petecka is a rare gem. Renata herself is a beautiful example of a life in balance. She know the importance of living a balanced life and she inspires her clients in every session to take their health and wellness to the next level and to not only achieve vibrant health but to thrive as well.

She is a wealth of information, recipes and inspiration. If you are looking to feel better than you have ever felt, have a body that runs optimally and have less stress and more balance in your life then Renata is the coach you have been searching for. A session with Renata is good for the soul. Her passion for her profession and her dedication to her clients is phenomenal.  She makes achieving optimal health delicious and fun. Working with Renata can truly change your life and lead you to the life you have been waiting for.”

Jennifer Taylor, East Hampton, NY