Your Cravings, Made Healthy: 5 Easy Food Swaps

Do you wish you know how to satisfy your cravings for sugar, salt and fried food in a healthy and delicious way? My client, favorite writer and blogger and a very creative person Ilana Donna Arazie got inspired by our cooking sessions together and wrote this delicious article “Your Cravings, Made Healthy: 5 Easy Food Swaps” on how to combine the taste, the texture and the flavor of our favorite foods in a new and healthy way. Read and get inspired. Bon Apettit!

“Your Cravings, Made Healthy: 5 Easy Food Swaps”

Let’s face it—we all have those sugary, salty, or fried foods we crave. And we know they aren’t exactly the pinnacle of health, but that doesn’t make us want them any less. So I decided to consult a few of the best nutritionists in search of food substitutes that might even satisfy Paula Deen (or, well, at least her doctor).

And guess what? They’re out there. And in addition to being healthy, they’re super tasty, too. Best of all, once you get in the habit of eating healthy, your body stops craving the unhealthy or fattening stuff so much. (Yes—these days I can visit a bakery and salivate for fresh pineapple over the chocolate croissant!). Read more click hereYour Cravings, Made Healthy: 5 Easy Food Swaps

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